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Monday, March 20

Normal School Hours Resume - 8:30 am


Thursday, March 23

Houston Food Bank


Friday, March 31

Staff Development Day - No School for Students


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English & Spanish

Bus Transportation

School busses cannot wait at a bus stop past their scheduled time.  It is best practice for students to be waiting at the bus 10 mins before the bus is due to arrive.


TELPAS Testing

March 27  - 7th grade

March 23 - 8th Grade

March 24 - 9th grade


* Not all students are required to take the TELPAS. Letters will be going out to students on March 20 to give to parents of students who are testing.


Guidelines For Spring Trip

Starting after spring break, March 20, 2023,  we will be monitoring attendance. Students can not miss more than 3 days in order to be eligible for the Spring trip.  

  • Students can not have any suspensions (ISS/OSS).
  • Students can not have more than 3 detentions (late to school does not count).
  • Students must be passing all classes at the time of the trip. 

More information about your student's specific trip to come at a later date. 


Saturday Tutorials

In preparation for STARR testing, IF your child is currently enrolled in Saturday tutorials, it is important that your child attends the following Saturdays from 8:30am-12:30pm:


March 24

April 1

April 15

April 22

If your student is required to attend Saturday Tutorials, communication has already been sent through email and paperwork given to your student. They are required to attend Saturday tutorials because they have not yet passed a STAAR test that is requied to graduate. If your child does not attend Saturday tutorials, they will be at risk for failing the test this May and as a result at risk for not graduating on time!  


Click here for HarleyGarrett.com

For questions, please contact Whitney Dale, Director of College Counseling at Whitney.Dale@yesprep.org










Lunch Deliveries

We discourage lunch deliveries to students during the school day as this is a disruption to instruction and interrupts front office work functions. If a student forgets their lunch, they are encouraged to eat the school lunch provided daily. Any lunch drop-offs by guardian must be done in person at the front office. Students will not be allowed to exit campus gates to collect their food from their guardians. For safety reasons, students are not permitted to enter the parking lot to pick up lunches from cars that have arrived on site.

Please note, for any lunch drop-offs, students are responsible of picking up their lunch from the front-office and any food not picked-up by the end of the day, will be discarded.

Food that is delivered to students during the day may not be eaten in the classroom. It will remain in the front office. Food deliveries may only be made during the hours of 10:00am-12:15pm. No Door Dash or Uber Eats allowed, unless designated by the High School Dean of Students, Director of College Counseling, or 12th Grade Level Chair as a senior privilege. Senior privilege on Fridays (with guardian approval).

Sharing Food

For the health and safety of all our students, we do not allow students to share food with others due to possible food allergies. Please make sure you are only dropping off food for your child/children. A guardian/guardian is the only individual who may provide food for their child. We do not allow lunchtime birthday celebrations on campus. Please make sure these events are scheduled outside of school hours and off campus.

(This information is page 8 in the YES Prep Individual Campus Supplement.)


Texas Nutrition Policy


In accordance with the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy, guardians may provide for their own child’s consumption lunch or snack which may include FMNV ( Food of minimal nutritional value). However, they may not provide these same items to other children on campus. This is a policy form the State of Texas, and YES Prep abides by said policy. Any questions or concerns regarding the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy may be directed to:


Texas Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Division

P.O. Box 12847 Austin, Texas 78711 1-888.TEX.KIDS

Or Squaremeals@agr.state.tx.us

(This information is on page 28 of the YES Prep Student Handbook)


For information on campus policies, please visit this page to read the YES Prep Student Handbook and Individual Campus Supplement : CLICK HERE


Direct Link: Student Handbook

Direct Link: Individual Campus Supplement



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